The Beauty of Function

Glass is a 100% recyclable material that is widely used in construction and architecture for its astonishing qualities and versatility. Glass can be transparent or translucent and present a variety of functions that can be combined into specific applications.


DreamGlass® changes from transparent to opaque in less than one second. Applied inside, privacy on demand is provided for offices and meeting rooms, or simply to block out the view of the kitchen after making dinner and still not feeling guilty until the morning after.

SMARTGLASS Solar has a dynamic solar gain factor (g-value). The electro chromatic effect is controlled by a low voltage system that can be managed automatically or manually by remote control or smartphone. The system eliminates the need for outside sunscreens and provides the right amount of daylight without blocking the view.


Thermally insulated glass reduces heat loss through windows and doors. The insulating effect is achieved by using two or more spaced glasses in each window with vacuum or insulating gases in between. In addition to improved comfort and the opportunity to have large window surfaces in challenging climates, insulated glass is key to reducing energy cost and environmental impact of indoor heating. Building regulations are imposing ever more stringent requirements both for new buildings and refurbishment projects.


Solar control glass affects the amount of solar energy in terms of heat and light exposure inside buildings and structures. The effect is achieved by using different forms of coatings or laminates. In areas that are exceedingly exposed to sunlight, solar control glass helps ensure comfort even with extensive use of glass in facades, walkways etc.


Fire protection regulations governed by relevant authorities may include requirements for safe escape routes and delay or prevention of a fire spreading between different rooms or partitions in a building. Tested and certified fire glass solutions give the opportunity to comply with such regulations and still make extensive use of glass.


Safety glass is obtained by toughening and/or using different types of laminates to ensure that the glass breaks safely or remains intact when exposed to excessive external force.

Safety glass protects from accidental or deliberate damage. It is the only material that can stop burglars, vandals or even bullets and at the same time let daylight through.


Sound insulation of glass is influenced by the thickness of the glass, choice of laminate and distance between the panes in the isolated window/door/wall construction.
Noise control can be combined with other functions to obtain a tailored solution for specific applications.


A special coating is applied to the glass that dissolves organic dirt when exposed to sunlight. When it rains, the dissolved dirt is washed away.

Self-cleaning glass is particularly useful for glass surfaces that are both very visible and have difficult access for cleaning.


Patterned glass is used to ensure privacy and as a design element that lets light through and is decorative but blocks visual access. Different techniques like sand blasting, screen or digital printing give effects that help maintain design qualities, e.g. in connection with refurbishment of old apartment buildings subject to newer, more stringent fire protection requirements.


Extra clear, low iron glass, practically colourless and offering the highest level of light and solar energy transmittance.


Enamel colour is applied to the glass surface and burnt into the material in a tempering process at high temperature. The colour is permanent and very durable. This type of glass can tolerate large differences in temperature.


Mirrors have been used for decoration, magic, vanity and self-reflection for thousands of years. Today, mirrors are important design elements and can be delivered in different colours to go with other interior particulars. In addition, there are special applications like one-way mirrors for e.g. surveillance or behavioural observation purposes.


Glass is a versatile material with an array of imaginable and unimaginable applications and combinations with other materials. CG Glass has a very profound knowledge and deep competence on glass and we would be happy to discuss projects you may have where standard solutions do not meet your expectations!

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