The Power of Craftsmanship

An able crew of craftsmen and operators run a well-equipped factory that works and forms glass to customer requirements on record time.


Glass edges that are exposed need to look good. Different techniques like grinding, polishing, facet and waterfall grinding are used to create a variety of aesthetical effects.


Holes, cut outs and notches in different sizes can be made in glass to enable fixing of glass, brackets and profiles. A hole or cut out can also substitute a handle in a shower door, space can be cut out to integrate other elements like a sink in the bathroom or a bottle cooler in the bar.


Sandblasting creates a frosted glass panel which is permanent.

Many designs can be done both as a negative (clear design on a frosted background) or as a positive (frosted design on a clear background).

‘Deep Bite’, also known as glass carving or deep sand blasting is used to create three-dimensional imagery. Toughened and laminated glass can only have surface sandblasting, not deep bite sandblasting.

Satinized glass is a durable finish created when a glass surface has been etched with hydrofluoric acid to create a fine translucent frosted or patterned finish.


Painted glass can be used in a variety of applications such as splashbacks in kitchens and bathrooms, bath and shower walling, bar and counter tops, furniture, glass floors, facades etc.


Print on glass for information or decoration can easily be done with screen printing for large series or with digital printing for smaller numbers.


Antireflex is a coating that gives a non-reflecting glass for e.g. display cases for jewellery or museum pieces where it is important to be able to study details and at the same time protect the objects. Antireflex glass can be combined with other functions.


Condense is a natural phenomenon frequently occurring during cold, clear and windless spring and autumn days. With ever more efficient thermal insulation glass, the heat loss to the outermost window pane is reduced and the outside surface temperature may become lower than the dew point. Combined with high humidity, this causes condense. With an antifog surface coating, this process is prevented or delayed.


Glass is prone to damage and aging from exposure to hard water, soap and humidity. ShowerGuard is a permanent coating that doesn’t need to be replenished or reapplied. It resists chemical corrosion and reduces spots, residues, stains and scale build-up, keeping the glass bright and clean with only minimal cleaning.


Cracked glass that keeps its form. A cracked glass plate laminated between two sheets of normal glass can be used as a design element in doors or partitioning walls. This technique can also be useful when refurbishing old apartment buildings where this type of glass was used to stop visual access in e.g. stairwells.


Bent and curved glass is used as a design element in facades, railings, interiors and can be combined with practically all other functionalities.

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