The Potential
of Technology

Smart glass solutions add intelligence to your living spaces. You can choose how much light should enter your living room. You can choose to turn an open space into a private chamber. You can conserve energy. It’s up to you.


With the flip of a switch, a remote or an app on your phone, you can turn the switchable glass on and off. In its “off” state, the glass is opaque and provides privacy or a surface for a whiteboard or projection. In its “on” state, it provides transparency.


Dynamic glass changes its light transmission properties either as a function of the outside sunlight or by your control. The glass can be part of an energy management system and ensure optimal energy consumption and comfort. Forget curtains, blinds, external shades or any other mechanical protection against sunlight. Get a room with a view, always.


Energy management is a key issue in commercial buildings as well as in private homes. Glass is by far the most important barrier towards the outer climate in most, modern buildings. Glass with particular functionality and that is connected to a building’s energy management system, allows you to take control of your environmental impact.


Freedom to be distinct is one of the greatest desires of an architect. Uniqueness, design and functionality are often curbed by requirements to light transmission, energy conservation and levels of noise. Smart glass, be it dynamic or switchable, can be combined with other types of glass with a wide range of functionality like noise reduction and fire resistance to form sleek, elegant constructions that become part of iconic designs while meeting those requirements.


A study done at Cornell University in 2017 concludes that a comfortable, welcoming room and the atmosphere of the immediate surroundings is what matters most to hotel guests. Switchable glass in bedroom/bathroom partitions, towards balconies, in conference rooms and in restaurants, provides privacy on demand and adds functionality and design to hotel and conference rooms.


A workplace wellness study from 2019 among 1600 office workers concludes that quality of air and light is what influences wellbeing and productivity most. Blinds and curtains work against both, while dynamic façade glass that changes its characteristics with the change in light, give the optimal conditions. Switchable glass adds privacy and room flexibility in open spaces, and while in the opaque state, it can even be used as white board or as projection surface.


Would you like to get rid of curtains and blinds that are havens for bacteria? Would it be good to check on a patient without having to enter the room and disturb his rest? With switchable glass, you can turn on the glass to look inside and then turn it back to opaque for privacy. And there is no place for bacteria to hide.


What use is a magnificent view if you need to pull down shades or blinds to protect yourself from the sun? With dynamic glass you can enjoy your view and optimise your energy management whatever the weather is. Why not install some switchable glass panels in your bathroom or between the kitchen and living room? Sometimes you want to see, sometimes you don’t.


Use switchable glass in transparent mode to display your goods towards the street during opening hours. In opaque mode, the glass can act as a rear projection screen and you can run ads for your full range of products..


Air and light are the most important factors, in addition to good teachers, for a good learning environment. Dynamic glass provides the perfect light conditions throughout the day to energize the students. Switchable glass provides opportunities to provide smaller partitions for workgroups and to create a flexible classroom environment.

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