What is CG Glass?

Glass is our Passion, Talent & Craft

CG delivers glass, processed glass products and complete products or concepts where glass is a central element of the offering, to glaziers, façade and interior builders, window and door manufacturers and others that need glass products in Norway. 

CG strives to be an inspiration in the Norwegian glass business and be the best supplier of processed glass products. Our customers’ satisfaction is our most important asset.

We wish to bring craftsmanship and the pride of a job well done back to the Norwegian glass business to balance the steadily growing share of mass produced standard products.

We and Our Customers are Proud Craftsmen!

Our Team

The people of CG Glass understand all aspects of glass.  We have deep competence on glass and how to choose the right glass for a job.  We have a well- developed range of machinery that allows our operators to process all types og glass efficiently and to the standard of the craft.  However, even if the machinery is important, it is the single person’s experience and eye for aesthetics and detail that enables us to deliver the best products in the market.  
Those of us that meet customers in our daily work, have an intimate knowledge of what is going on. This enables us to understand what solutions and products are needed in an ever-changing market.  All of us have a passion for glass and for making our customers happy. And we all look forward to bringing the craftsmanship back to the glass business together with our customers.

What we believe in!

As for many types of businesses, the glass business has over the last 30-40 years seen a structural change where mass production and distribution have made the value chain much more efficient. This development has in general terms been a good thing but has also led to a high degree of standardization and a larger distance between consumer and manufacturer.

Even if we believe that the majority of the market will still be served by standard products, we in CG Glass wish to be an alternative for those that in addition need tailored products or products that are not available as standard. We also wish to give new impulses to the glazier craft og contribute in creating new growth for this craft.

Together with our customers, we will look for opportunities to create products and concepts that give the glaziers the possibility to offer their customers solutions they would not find otherwise.

At the same time, we wish to offer manufacturers of windows and doors, façade builders and interior builders speciality products and delivery times they otherwise would not find.

Craftsmanship with traditions



In 1880, Christianssand Glasmagasin was founded in Grocer Rassmussens building at the corner of Markens Street and Dronningens Street in Kristiansand, where today you will find a MacDonald’s. Here used to be Britannia Hotel, which was purchased by Mr Thv. Rassmussen in 1880 and transformed into shops.

The Christianssand Glasmagasin was given the corner shop. In 1885, Aanen Tjomsaas took over the business. In 1892, a big fire reduced almost half of Kristiansand to ashes, including Grocer Rassmussen’s building and with it, Christianssand Glasmagasin. Because of this, the business was transferred across the street as Mr Tjomsaas had purchased land from bookshop owner Grøntoft and built a brick stone building.
In 1913, a new era was opened when the brothers Ingvald and Aage Grønningsæter came into the picture. Their elder brother, Anton, was in 1910 given a position as manager of Kristiansand Nikkelraffineringsverk, today’s Xstrata Nickel. He was led to believe that Aanen Tjomsaas was thinking of selling the business and he took this opportunity to his brothers. They came, they saw, and they acquired the business. In 1954, the son of Aage Grønningsæter, Ole, and Ingvald Grønningsæter’s son, Arne, were included as partners. Shortly after, a glazier shop subsidiary was established and managed by Aage Grønningsæter’s youngest son, Ivar.


In 1957, the glazier shop moved to a newbuilding in Dronningen Street in Kristiansand that housed both the shop and a considerably larger warehouse. 10 years later, a new building was erected at Lund industrial area outside the city centre accommodating both the workshop and warehouses.

In 1984, the company acquired A/S Norsk Panolook in Risør, a company founded in 1970 and producing low emission glass products.
The ‘80ies saw a booming activity within civil construction and the production capacity at Risør quickly became too small.  In 1988, CG Glass started a factory at Birkeland outside Kristiansand and the production of low emission glass was done from both locations.  

At the end of the decade, the building activity diminished, and all production was moved to Birkeland. Following a new period of strong growth, CG moved all production to a new factory at Moseidmoen in Vennesla at the end of 2002.


The size of the factory at Moseidmoen is 6,000 m2 (65,000 sqft) and can be expanded to 8,000 m2 (86,000 sqft).  Large investments have been made in equipment and machinery for processing and the company is today positioned to fill a niche in the market that has been vacant for a long time – a supplier that takes craftsmanship and craftsmen seriously. 
The acquisition of Hole Glass in Bergen in 2016 completed the picture of CG as a professional expert and supplier within the Norwegian glass business. We deliver processed glass products all over the country to glaziers, façade builders, windows and doors manufacturers and interior builders with flexibility, capacity and service attitude.  
We cut float, laminate, ornate and mirrors.  We are experts in processing; grinding, milling, laminating, painting and curing of glass for doors, windows, facades, railings and interior.  We look forward to the continuation and to see real craftsmanship getting back to where it belongs in the Norwegian glass business!

CG Glass Norway
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